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and Tito La Rosa

The Chaupin School
Banos de La Merced
Carhauaz, Ancash, Peru


About the School
Founded by Elba Bravo, Tito La Rosa, Ayni Projects, and the Parents of the Children of the school, and currently funded by the Heart Feather, The Chaupin School is located in the Quechua Village of La Merced above the town of Carhuaz in the Callejon de Hualyas in the central Peruvian Andes, the school opened in 2004 with one student. It now has 50 students aged three to twelve enrolled in the preschool through to the sixth grade.

Philosophy of the school and why it is important to support this kind of education
In the Andean culture as in indigenous cultures around the world the respect for the earth as our universal mother and the understanding of the connectedness of all things in nature is an essential body of wisdom that for the most part we have lost in the cultures of the "developed world". This lack of feeling like a thread in the fabric of nature has resulted in a world that is socially unjust and economically and ecologically unsustainable. The human species can not afford to continue to live in this way.

The Chaupin School addresses the educational necessities of the campesino population of the Andes and honors the ancestral wisdom of the Andean people. 

As seventy percent of Peruvians do not have Spanish as their first language, the educational system there lacks a way for the children to sincerely integrate their own educational experience from their first day of school on into the future.  The La Merced School serves to rectify this problem.  The parents of the children moved the school out of the rented building where it had been running for the first 3 years and built their own schoolhouse in 2007. The educational materials and the teaching model used there, assist the children to develop their self esteem by reflecting the wealth that lies in the richness of their heritage and the daily life of the community. In the earlier grades the children learn in their native language, Runasimi. In their third year the children begin the double immersion aspect of the curriculum continuing to learn Runasimi while beginning to learn Spanish, the official language of Peru.


Ayllu the teachers and administrators of the school
In the spring of 2009, Elba Bravo, co-founder and Director of the school left her post to relocate to Lima. Elba was key in shaping the schools approach and philosophy in addition to singlehandedly developing its dedicated and highly trained staff. Over time she turned over the every day management of the school to this group of teachers who have been with the school from the start. This group has formed their own association, called Ayllu (family). The Ayllu group has continued to elaborate the work started by Elba. At the beginning of 2010 the teachers will be publishing a series of writings articulating the methodology of the educational approach as well as stories coming out of the everyday life of the school. It is Ayllu’s hope that the sale of these documents and educational materials will assist in the sustainability of the school and in the sharing of this unique model with other educational communities.

The Future...The Abuelos
Tito La Rosa and Heart Feather Foundation invite interested institutions and individuals to sustain the important work of the school into the future. Our current operating budget for salaries, health benefits, educational materials, and enrichment programs such as dance and art programs, field trips, transportation, breakfasts and celebrations for the students is $2500 per month averaged over a 12 month year. This amount comes out to $600 per student per year.

In addition to these monthly costs, the school needs a one time amount of $12,000 to complete it's infrastructure that includes finishing the second floor, installing the rest of the doors, windows, and flooring, and finishing the purchases of tables and chairs and educational equipment such as white boards and a computer.

Our goal is to form a family of fifty "Abuelos or Grandparents" of the Chaupin School, who would each commit to give $60 a month to support the education of a child for one year. We are also inviting four "Bis Abuelos or Great grandparents" to make a one time donation of $3,000 towards completing the school's infrastructure.

Reallocating Resources in Challenging times.
In these financially challenging times we are asking you to support the school by reallocating funds from your current budget.  Put in another way, the question we are asking you and ourselves, is what can I give up in my life that can free up money to support the education of a child. Maybe it is a dinner out, a daily café latte or some other item that you might have been thinking of giving up anyway. 

We invite you to consider these feasible and impactful options.

Your donation to Heart Feather Projects, a 501(c)3, non-profit organization through the International Humanities Center, will be 100% tax deductible
and greatly appreciated by the students and teachers of the school.

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