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The Chaupin School

Heart Feather as it's first large project chosen to support The Chaupin School. 

Deserving of it's own page, you can learn about The Chaupin School for indigenous children Here.


Land Acquisition Projects

Heart Feather is currently working on a land acquisition project for a medicinal plant study and research center in the Peruvian Amazon. This will involve purchase of land, construction of facilities, setting up a medicinal and indigenous food garden, and support of staff personnel. 

The center will be located near Tarapoto, Peru, which is in the Upper Amazon and is home to a vast number of medicinal plants which have been utilized for tens of thousands of years.  Eventually this center will be home to a school to help train local people in the healing arts so that the wisdom and knowledge of their ancestors can be preserved.

The first phase of this project will require an investment of approximately $30,000 USD. The second phase will require approximately an additional $30,000. Major donors would, if desired, receive name recognition for various aspects of the project.

UPDATE:  From a generous donation, the land - 44 hectares - has been acquired.  So now we are on the building phase of this project.  Tune in for more news soon.


Support of Indigenous Healers

In many cases, indigenous healers are deeply underappreciated in their native lands. Often they receive absurdly small amounts of money for the work that they do.  This can be as little as a chicken, a dollar, or some vegetables for many hours or days of intensive ceremonial healing work.  Because of this, most of them take on other, often hazardous labor, which is a shame as the labor they perform can destroy their ability to do their true work.

Heart Feather would like to make it possible for some of these extraordinary healers to support themselves without injury to their health and well-being.  As the research centers develop, the shamans would be transitioned into part of full-time work there. However, in the mean time, they need your help.

To support an indigenous healer would require approximately $300.00 per month.  A truly small amount of money that would make an immense difference in their lives and allow them to do their healing work on a full time basis until they become fully established.


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